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If you would like to attend any of our NLP Training Experiences, or if you would simply like to learn more about NLP and Hypnotherapy and how they can help you achieve positive change in your life, please call or contact me and I will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

NLP and Hypnotherapy exists to help you make the changes required to put you on the path to becoming the person you want to be. Listed below are just a few examples that NLP, Hypnotherapy and NVT (New View Therapy) can help with:

Stopping smoking
Losing weight
Substance abuse
Fear of flying
Confidence issues
Self harming
Public speaking
Car accidence
Negative thoughts
Reacquiring nightmares

The first step is always the hardest, but once you have taken that step, things will start to change. Finding the strength and will-power to make the call or write that email may seem to be out of your reach completely, but this page is about You, and helping You to once more gain control of your life. Improving everyones mental health and well-being is what these courses are all about. 


With NLP training it is vital to take into account exactly what each individual trainee would like to achieve from the experience. It is with this in mind that I have deliberately limited each class size to a maximum of eight people.

The Practitioners Course focuses on Hypnotherapy, New View Therapy, and Time Synchronicity Training. These powerful techniques demand a more in-depth understanding. I have incorporated an additional session making the Practitioners component a full seven day course.

Equipping you with the right tools to meet your own personal challenges and those you encounter in daily life, NLP, Hypnotherapy and New View Therapy are incredibly powerful techniques which must be used responsibly.

So when it comes to you getting exactly what you want from your training, we will do our best to tailor our training to your personal needs. If you are, for example, a teacher or a therapist, an artist or a doctor, a concerned parent or even a foster parent, we will look at your specific needs and carefully consider what is the right training for you.

As I have mentioned before, NLP, Hypnotherapy and New View Therapy are a set of very powerful tools and need to be used with the utmost care.
If you would like any further information about HNLP Training or if you would like to book an appointment please call.

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