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Investment £180

The Weekend Workshop Course combines training with practical exercises. Participants work as a group and in pairs.

When do you know it’s time to make the change you want in your life or you’r just curious about the mind then this is the courses for you . Our courses are always held in small groups which makes for a more compelling workshop. Because of the sheer flexibility of  these new and life changing techniques our workshops can be applied to any of the following.

  • Losing weight
  • Confidence
  • Stuck negative emotions
  • Creating a new future
  • Relationships

I have put together what I consider to be some of the most powerful techniques for self development and effective change. If you are stuck in a relationship or have realised  it is now time to make changes for improved health; or wish to create a new future and regain control of your life, these courses can help. Because of the nature of the course and the personal issues involved, I have limited the number of group participants a maximum of 6 people. This ensures the weekend course will be focused, sensitive and life changing.

Before attending a weekend workshop of change, there are a number of things to consider:

  1. All workshops will be recorded for training purposes.
  2. For you to benefit from these powerful techniques,you will be asked to participate in all of the exercises. 
  3. Are you willing to learn and create new possibilities and opportunities? 
  4. Your commitment will help me to help you discover your full potential. 

What to expect from your weekend workshop?

Why would you consider joining us for this weekend of life changes?

Why would you want to spend time with people learning new techniques that will help them improve their life?

Why are there only 6 places available for each weekend workshop ?


Time for change

Are you looking to make changes in your life? or have you a fascination about how the mind works?

Do you want to make some improvements in your life, and keep those changes?

Maybe you now realise, because of certain situations that you have experienced that, its now time to make some big decisions. Which means you can begin to have a clearer picture about your future, with a lighter hearted approach.

You will learn new techniques about how you can make the changes you want in your life.

I have used these techniques over and over again to help people achieve what they desire in their future.

You will also learn a completely new awareness that involves how to recognise particular language patterns and non – verbal communications.You will also receive the workshop manual which is full of the helpful and interesting techniques I will be teaching over the weekend.


All the people that come to our weekend workshop  have more than one thing in common.



2.A willingness to keep on learning!

3.Wanting to change particular limiting beliefs.

4.A belief that change is always possible.


Why ONLY 6 to a class?

My belief is that in order to maintain rapport and synergy, and provide that personal touch, classes must always be small.

 What do I want from you?

Lots of questions.

Bring huge amounts of curiosity.

Bring huge amounts of a taste for adventure and a willingness to learn.

Bring a huge sense of humour.


Who will be your trainer?


Me… Cliff Partridge

HNLP Trainer

NLP Master Practitioner

Developer of New View Therapy

Mindfulness Circle Of Change

My Assistant

Mrs Sandy Partridge

NLP Practitioner

Registered Homeopath

And my amazing wife 

Now, as always, it’s all up to you!

Investment £180

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