5 Day NLP Diploma

Explained: The difference between the 5 Day NLP Diploma and the 8 day NLP Practitioner courses


Listed below are some of the new learning and empowering NLP techniques  you will experience  on the 5 day NLP Diploma course:


NLP Communication Model
How to gain Rapport
Representation Systems
The Map Is Not the Territory
Presupposistions of NLP
Well Formed outcomes
Filters of the Mind
Logical levels
Meta Model
Unconscious Eye patterns
Positive mental attitude
The unconscious Mind


“Our course combines training with practical exercises; participants work as a group and in pairs.”



7th-8th April

25th-26th-27th May

Accredited NLP 5 day Diploma course £2000

Accredited NLP 8 day Practitioner course £2500

The Difference That Makes the Difference

Our 8 day NLP Practitioner course covers all the above, but also features Hypnotherapy Training and New View Therapy training.

You will be part of the exclusive New Advanced NLP Technology I have developed:

Mindfulness Circle Makes Change

New View Therapy

Mindfulness Application Process