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Why is now the time for change? Because you have found this page!

Becoming an HNLP Practitioner is an incredibly rewarding career. Maybe you feel as if you’re stuck in a rut with no means of escape? At times, certain relationships need impetus to make changes. You may feel locked into a job that is stressful or it is making you unhappy. HNLP training will be your guide to leaving the maze you have found yourself trapped in.

Now is the time to take the next step .


It is only natural to wonder about the benefits of training and to consider exactly what you will achieve from it. Your HNLP training can help you in your daily life, whether that is in a professional capacity at work, or from within your own private and personal environment. The personal touch is all important, which is why small groups of no more than seven trainees are not only essential, but guaranteed. This ensures a personal focus on each individual’s needs and enables the training course to offer all attendees life-changing and profound learning experience. This isn’t just another soulless sales pitch, it is the ethos of Principle Training and the foundation on which it was built.

Consider the three questions below:

Learning to communicate efficiently and skilfully. Could this prove helpful at work or within any of your relationships?

Enhancing your self-belief and improving your perception to others. Would this be beneficial in your life?

Would you be interested in owning an exclusive HNLP principle Training manual which explains how to bring about the changes you want and how to keep those positive changes for life?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then HNLP Principle Training is for you. Our courses combine training with practical exercises. Participants work both as a group and in pairs to reinforce the learning experience and demonstrate understanding of advanced techniques and with the personal touch that we prides itself on, you will find assistance, patience and encouragement at every stage.

Now is the time to take back control of your life, to learn new skills that can help you achieve your aim whether it is joy, freedom, wealth or an increase in your personal health potential. Your HNLP training can and will equip you with the necessary mental fortitude and ability to achieve your goals.


How to empower and improve communication both internally with yourself and externally with others: Rep Systems.

How to develop an instant rapport with anyone and become aware of unconscious behaviours: this will change the way you communicate forever.

How to shift perception quickly and effectively: Submodalities

The above is just a very small sample of what you will achieve through HNLP training, for more information please have a look at  pages below.

What else can I expect from my 7 day HNLP Practitioner course?

A life changing experience.

Ongoing support free for a year.

Value for money.

Your investment


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