Meet Cliff Your HNLP Trainer

I have been teaching NLP and Hypnotherapy for the last 13 years. I am a certified  HNLP/Hypnotherapy Trainer and ANLP Trainers member.ANLP is the largest independent NLP accreditation body in the world.

Cliff Partridge specialises in the following areas:

Working on an individual basis with “Personal Breakthrough Sessions” where Stuck Negative Emotions are stopping further development.

Also working with corporations such as:

    • VT Training as part of the European Union
    • Smart Training and Recruitment Ltd
    • Isle of Wight Social Services
    • Vestas technology UK
    • Kennedy Scott    

Exclusive new technologies developed by Cliff Partridge:

    • New View Therapy
    • Mindfulness Application Process (MAP)
    • Mindfulness Circle of Change

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