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As information enters our brain, we begin to make sense of it as it works through our senses: visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, gustatory and olfactory.  Allow me to introduce you to some of some of the new friends in your life.

Blue and sky

Blue and Sky have been together a very long time, in fact a lot longer than you would ever think. You see, they are always looking on the bright side of life. They love art and are very trendy when it comes to fashion. They love Spring with all the new flowers peeping through. They can visualise how the garden should look.

Blue and Sky are good friends with Tone and Chime.

Tone and Chime love music, in fact they have their own band called the Ear Aches. They have their own recording studio, they enjoy recording bird songs and they love the morning chorus. Their favourite car is the V8 TVR Cerbera.

Tone and Chime are good friends with Phil and Hanna.

They are really close to them and hold them very close to their hearts. Phil and Hannah love going for long walks. Phil keeps fit: he enjoys going to the gym weightlifting. Hannah’s hobby is knitting which is a bit strange as she’s only 24.

Communication skills

What did you notice about these characters?

Blue and Sky

Tone and Chime

Phil and Hannah

From now on you will  be aware of the type of words that certain people use, these words in NLP terms are known as Predicates. Everyone has a favourite set of words they use to represent their world.

Some people, like Sky and Blue, represent their world by using visual words and they will use words/predicates like Colour, Visual, Look, Bright, Sparkle, Dark and Shade.

Tone and Chime will use words/predicates associated with Sound, Listen, Loud, Shout, Talking, and Earful.

Phil and Hannah will use words like Ouch, Feel, Comfortable, Smooth, Hot, Warm and Temperature.

So when you want to communicate with someone, I suggest you use their particular representational system to establish a rapport.

“Looking at all the information, I can See things will brighten up with these forecasts, and I like the options I am Hearing but for us to Move in the right direction I do need to have a Sense of security before making a decision”.

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