Self harming

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In the UK there is a crisis and that crisis is Self Harming

In 2014, published figures suggested a 70% rise over the last two years of 10-14 year olds attending A & E for self-harm related injuries.

Unfortunately, in the western world of today, there is a false expectation of how we should all look. We are constantly bombarded with images of body shape and the ‘correct’ clothes to wear by the fashion industry and media. Most women do not, and should not, look like the ultra-thin models featured in magazines, etc., and the majority of men are not body builders with chiseled features and a six pack.

It seems there is more pressure on our youth today than any other time in history.

Self harming is often brought about by feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and worthlessness. Self harming creates a sense of release for those affected and this is a very real sensation for those who self harm. A majority of people cannot simply contemplate what makes others do what they do.

Situations occur in life and some of us cannot cope with what they are experiencing at a given time: It might be bullying at school or the end of a relationship. You might feel completely lonely, even while you are with friends. It could be because you feel different to other people, and feel like you just don’t fit in. Maybe you have seen something that has stayed with you and you would like let it go and leave it behind. For some, the list can be almost endless. Remember, you are not alone. By using NLP techniques things can change. Your brain loves to learn, but it does not care about what it does learn.

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