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Becoming a qualified HNLP Practitioner is an incredibly rewarding achievement. HNLP training equips you with the right tools to help your clients make the creative and positive changes they need. Whether you choose the 8 Day Practitioner Course, or opt for the 5 Day Diploma Course, NLP training provides you with powerful techniques and insights that will assist in your ongoing personal and professional self-development.

If you wish to learn new mental skills and techniques that will open doors and increase opportunities for a more inspirational and fulfilling future, call me now.


Both the 5 and 8 Day NLP training courses will provide you with a thorough knowledge of NLP techniques and concepts including:

The Pre-suppositions of NLP, The Map is not the Territory, Anchoring, Submodalities, Mind Filters, Perceptual Positions, Meta Programs, Milton Erickson (Milton Model), and the Meta Model.

The 8 Day Practitioner Course encompasses and wide array of NLP techniques, each designed to provide you with the necessary mind skills to effect positive and lasting change. As well as offering Hypnotherapy training, the Practitioner Course also includes NLP Advanced Technologies which have been developed exclusively for NLP Principle Training. The Advanced Technologies included within the Practitioner Course are:

1. New View Therapy    

2. Mindfulness Application Process

3. Mindfulness  Circle of Change

How can NLP Help You?

Due to the unique and natural flexibility of NLP techniques, this empowering set of mind-skills can be applied effectively to any and all professions:

1. Therapist 2. Personal Trainer 3.Sports Coach 4. Mindfulness Coach 5.Writer 6. Artist 7. Teacher 8. Musician 9. Business Management 10. Doctor 11. Holistic Therapist 12. Acupuncturist 13. Reiki Practitioner 14. Masseur/Masseuse 15. Osteopath 16. Homeopath.


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